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Where can I find the Model/Type Number?
Where can I find the type/model number?

For the majority of the Braun and Oral-B products the model name or number is placed well visible on the housing. For some of them the model name/number will only be present on the packaging and instruction manual and not on the product itself. Should this information ever get misplaced, a four digit type number, which is imprinted on all Braun and powered Oral-B products, can be used to determine the appropriate part(s) for your product.
Example of modelname and - number: Example for a 4-digit type number (Type: xxxx):
The following is a guide that can be used to help locate the type number on your product.
Shaver: On the back of the shaver, on the shaver housing under the cutterblock or under the long-hair trimmer

Lady Shavers / Epilators: On the housing under the cutting part or epilator head
Hair Care: Hair stylers and hair dryer: on the housing - in most cases on the back side of the handle

Catalytic stylers: in the cartridge compartment inside the detachable handle
Household Appliances: On the bottom of the appliance.

Power Toothbrushes / Oral Irrigators: On the bottom of the power handle resp. Irrigator.
Blood Pressure Monitors / Thermometers: In 2006 Kaz acquired Braun's thermometer and blood pressure monitoring business. For support and customer service addresses please contact:

Clocks: On the bottom of the clock or on the back side of the watch.
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