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Silk-épil duo plus
Model:   EE8duo+, EE9duo+, EE10duo+  
Type:   5271  

Silk-épil rechargeable
Model:   EE3  
Type:   5282  
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Silk-épil automatic
Model:   EE4  
Type:   5283  

Model:   EE1  
Type:   5285  
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Silk-épil duo automatic
Model:   EE40duo  
Type:   5290  

Silk-épil duo
Model:   EE10duo  
Type:   5291  
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Silk-épil duo rechargeable
Model:   EE30duo  
Type:   5292  

Silk-épil select
Model:   EE100  
Type:   5296  
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Silk-épil select rechargeable
Model:   EE300  
Type:   5298  

Silk-épil SuperSoft, Silk-épil SuperSoft Plus
Model:   EE1010, EE1020, EE1030, EE1040, EE1055, EE1060, EE1070, EE1120, EE1160, EE1170, EE1180S, EE1495, EE1495S, EE1595  
Type:   5303  
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