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Print the Braun/Oral-B mailing enclosure

For In Warranty Repair: Please review the use instructions provided with your product to determine applicable warranty guidelines. All warranty repairs must be accompanied by a copy of your original sales receipt. Please retain a copy for your records. You are responsible for shipping/insurance cost to the repair facility. All repair costs and return shipping will be paid by Braun.

For Out of Warranty Repair: (We recommend calling the service center prior to sending in your product to determine parts availability for your particular model) If your product is out of warranty or determined to be out of the warranty period by the repair center, a quote for the repair will be sent to you for approval and payment prior to a repair being made. All cost associated with an out of warranty repair including return shipping are the responsibility of you, the product's owner.

All products sent in for repair must be well packaged and sent in a box suitable to withstand normal freight handling. It is recommended that your package is appropriately insured and shipped using a carrier who can provide tracking (UPS, FedEx). Please include all system components which came with the unit at time of purchase such as charging bases and cleaning centers. Do not include fluids of any type such as shaver cleaner or butane cells. (Braun is not responsible for damage from shipping)

A note should accompany your product containing the following information:
   • Your name
   • Return mailing address including apt. number or suite if applicable (no P.O. boxes)
   • Contact phone number (required by UPS/FEDEX to return your product)
   • E-mail address (for return shipping notification)
   • A brief explanation of the problem you're experiencing with the product.

Any product received without your contact information will be held for a maximum of four months


Name: _____________________________________________________
Return Address: ______________________________________________
(No PO Boxes)_______________________________________________
Contact Phone Number: ________________________________________
Email address: ______________________________________________
If e-mail address is provided, you will be notified of return shipping and tracking information
Description of the problem you are experiencing with your product:

*The contact information provided above will only be used for its intended purpose of providing service updates during the repair of your Braun or Oral B product.

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